2019/20 ACA SQA Registration

2019/20 ACA SQA Registration

To all Quebec Masters’ Racers
The winter and ski races will soon be at our door and it’s time to think about signing up for your SQA regional, ACA national or FIS international card for the 2020 season.

The following forms are available to register:

1. 2019/20 Membership Form
2. FIS Athlete Declaration
3. 2019/20 Medical Form

Only the first form (2019/20 Membership Form) is required for a Master’s regional (weekend event card) or a national card. Registration for a FIS card requires all three forms.
Please note that the medical form is optional but strongly recommended. You can send your application for a FIS card even if your medical form is not yet available.
FIS Masters’ athletes are also required to provide proof of their own personal medical coverage that must include repatriation and sport accident coverage, whether the athlete is racing IN or OUTSIDE Canada. Masters can purchase insurance such as a Class 3 (Canada only) at a price of $90.47 through SQA.
4. The 2019/20 insurance registration form is available here.
Regional Card: Card with no points and no racer numbers (Card permits you to race one weekend and train only within Quebec):
$126 before 12 November 2019
$130 on or after 12 November 2019

Master’s National or FIS Card:
$163 or $157 before 12 November 2019
$170 or $175 on or after 12 November 2019

Please mail your forms and payment to:
Ski Québec Alpin
4545 Pierre De-Coubertin
C.P. 1000, Succ. M
Montréal QC H1V 3R2
Attention: Anna Prchal
For any questions, contact Anna at 514-252-3089 extension 3715 or at  [email protected] (attention: Anna Prchal)
Please note that the Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC) as well as four FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) races will be held in Québec this year at the Stoneham ski resort, from 18-23 February 2020, and that a regional, national or FIS card is required to participate. It will be possible to purchase a regional card when registering for the races. Racers who do not care about FIS points can still enter all Stoneham races with a Canadian Master’s National card. However, when you purchase your racer’s card, we recommend you opt for a Master’s FIS card over a Master’s National card for a variety of reasons:
  • The Canadian Alpine Masters receive $10 for every Master’s FIS card purchased and $5 for every Master’s National card purchased, for a total of $15 from ACA. The price of both types of cards is nearly the same, so it helps the Canadian Alpine Masters if you purchase the Master’s FIS card vs the Master’s National card.
  • At the upcoming World Winter Masters’ Games (WWMG), being held from 10-19 January 2020, in Austria, racers with a Master’s FIS card will start in each race in their age category before racers without this card.
  • The purchase of a Master’s FIS card includes a type of liability insurance coverage deemed acceptable by the WWMG organization for all their races.
  • At Stoneham, racers with a Master’s FIS card will also start in each FIS race in their age category before racers holding a weekend or national card.
  • Ages 18 to 30: You must be aged 30 years or older on 31 December 2019 to obtain a Master’s FIS card but only 18 to obtain a Master’s regional or national card.
Note: Racers who wish to participate in any Masters’ FIS races outside of Canada require a Master’s FIS card.
Lewis Heilig
Québec Masters’ Representative

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