2022 FMC & CMAC are still a GO under current QC COVID protocols

2022 FMC & CMAC are still a GO under current QC COVID protocols

Great news for the FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) and Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC) events in Quebec!

Did you miss it! Everything is moving so quickly under COVID that it’s impossible to keep up; one day it’s right, next day it’s left. That is exactly what happened in Quebec over the past 24 hours! COVID protocols are switching directions faster than a World Cup slalom skier! First the QC government announced that all outdoor sport competitions would be limited and the next day outdoor sport competitions are permitted again.

So to be clear, the FMC and CMAC events, being held in February 2022, in Stoneham QC, are a GO! The events have NOT been cancelled despite some of the rumours you may have heard; here is an extract of the message sent out by SQA on 21-Dec-21:

We learned this morning that competitions will be permitted for outdoor sports, subject to the approval of a strict health protocol, until further notice. We would like to thank everyone for their solidarity in this matter. However, we do not consider this to be a victory, but rather a team effort with the different levels of decision-makers including the office of Minister Delegate Isabelle Charest, Assistant Deputy Minister Réjean Houle and his team at the Sports and Leisure Department.

These two overlapping premier Masters’ events, being held in Stoneham QC for a second time, are only 7 weeks away so it is time to sort out your travel plans and register today!

Dave Nighswander | President
Alpine Canada Masters

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