Chile Camp & Chile FMC Races

Chile Camp & Chile FMC Races

2019/10/06, 29 North American athletes (plus 5 coaches) participated in a 10-day camp, from 6-15 September 2019, in Nevados de Chillan, Chile, that is an active volcano roughly 400 km south of Santiago. Amongst the 29 were four Canadians: Lloyd Sevack, Denyse Houde, Mike Robbins and Daniel Oehy.
The camp, organized by Lisa Ballard, was timed so athletes could also race in the first FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) races of the 2019/20 season; there were six in all with two SG, two GS, a Super Combined and a SL!
Skies were overcast and very foggy for the first few days but all still went out doing free ski drills and SL gates, followed by several days of the same on GS. On the Wednesday, blue skies finally appeared in time for the SG timed training day and the first time we got a clear view of the active volcano on which we were skiing! Quite amazing to see huge plumes of smoke being released at 10-15 minute intervals at the peak, not far behind our race run! The SG course was set, we inspected, only to have it pulled due to unsafe snow conditions at speed; we were disappointed but we carried on with SG and GS free skiing.
Under blue skies, Thursday was the first day of racing being two long SGs with fast race times nearing the 1:20 mark!
Friday was just as clear with two GS races but reduced to a single run so both could be held in one day, allowing the schedule to be compressed to complete all events before a looming storm with a 1⁄2 m snow forecast for Sunday.
Saturday was a packed 3-run SL day; the first SL run completed the Super Combined with the second SG result, followed by a 2-run SL…all in the rain and fog! Conditions were challenging to say the least, with rain hitting goggles, soaking suits and not much more than two gates visibility. However, the race crew prevailed and pulled off all three runs by 2:00 pm.
Below are the Canadian contingent’s results:

The forecast held true with snow throughout Sunday so many athletes ventured out into limited visibility to enjoy the POW!

In all, close to 115 racers from 16 countries competed! We of course took the opportunity to talk up the FMC races being held from 20-23 February 2020, at Stoneham. Most racers were aware of the QC races on the FIS calendar, with 10-20 international racers committed to coming excluding US racers, so we expect many more! When we announced that one of the FMC GS and FMC SL races will be combined with two SGs on Wednesday, 19-Feb-20, as part of the Canadian Alpine Masters’ Championships, international interest heightened further!

Racers who do not care about FIS points, can still enter all races being held at Stoneham with a Canadian Master’s National card. However, as noted in previous newsletters, remember that this fall when you purchase your racer card, we suggest you opt for a FIS Master’s card over a Canadian Master’s National card for various reasons:

  • To proudly race as a Canadian FIS Master’s racer in a FIS Masters’ Championship (FMC) event; the highest calibre Masters’ racing series on the planet.
  • For every FIS Master’s card purchased, the Canadian Alpine Masters receive $15 from ACA, but for every Master’s National card purchased, only $5 is received from ACA. The price of both types of cards is the same or only $10 more (depending on province), so it helps the Canadian Alpine Masters when you purchase the Master’s FIS card vs the National card! (Note: You must be aged 30 years or older on 31-Dec-19 to obtain a FIS Master’s card, but only 18 to obtain a Canadian Master’s National card.)
  • To compete as a FIS Master’s racer at the upcoming World Winter Masters’ Games (WWMG) from 10-19 January 2020, in Austria.

Start planning for what is expected to be a jam packed upcoming season!

Lloyd Sevack | President

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