COVID-19 Impact on 2021 Season & Other News

COVID-19 Impact on 2021 Season & Other News

Who could have guessed that we’d ever be living in a pandemic for 9 months now and still on the rise? Our Prime Minister assures us that we’ll have a vaccine soon! The question is: Soon in the breakneck or geological sense?

This is the reason that this initial new season communication is so late partly trying to determine what our 2021 National Calendar might look like and partly trying to ascertain what the ever-changing protocols are, and where they are headed.

Trying to assemble a National Calendar over the last few months has been like no other season, with Masters’ racing being a low priority amongst many hills, many categorically stating that there will be none this year, increasing training and even skiing restrictions, not to mention “red” zones and increasing travel restrictions between adjacent regions, within many provinces. Your National Masters’ Committee held a Zoom call just a few days ago with 10 members attending.

As a result of so many unknowns and a worsening situation, the unanimous sentiment was regrettably that it is impossible to cobble together a National Calendar this season. Yes, this is no doubt not what anyone wanted to hear, but also not likely a surprise!

The same applies to the FMC races and Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC) that were to be held during the second week of February, at Stoneham QC, currently in a “red” zone. Even if Stoneham was not to be a “red” zone in February, with international travel almost shut down, and increasing restrictions between provinces and even regions, attendance would have been severely impacted.

For those that earned a spot on the 2021 Canadian Masters’ Alpine Team (CMAT), I will soon mail out patches and 2021 medallions, plus certificates if required. With no 2021 National Calendar, we hope you understand that there will no 2022 CMAT.

As of this update, the Rides of March, to be held from March 12-14, 2021, at Nakiska, remain scheduled (subject to change of course), but will not be FIS MAS races.

For those that have purchased a FIS Master’s licence in previous years or were going to purchase for this upcoming season, with this year being exceptional due to the pandemic, I reached out to FIS to get these questions answered:

[LS]  For those that renew their FIS Master’s licence, but don’t race, do they lose any points?

[FIS] The points are protected during the 2020/21 season once we use the BL System. At the end of the season, once we know exactly what happened (how many races were cancelled, travel restrictions, etc) we will discuss the possibility of waiving penalties to be added to Masters that did not start during the season due to the COVID pandemic.

[LS] For those that do not renew their FIS Master’s licence, do they lose their points?

[FIS] If one Master does not renew his/her licence and they are in INACTIVE status, no change will be done to their points as they are INACTIVE.

Your Masters’ Committee will continue to work on a limited number of activities, including:

  • Masters’ suits will be offered sometime this spring, for delivery before the end of 2021.
  • Securing and selecting a site for CMAC and FMC races in 2022.

Watch for any smattering of regional races and reach out to your Provincial Masters’ Rep if you require any guidance.

As the adage goes, use it or lose it! So stay in shape, remain active outside, ski and train if/wherever possible, and most importantly be safe!

Lloyd Sevack | President

Canadian Alpine Masters

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