FIS Masters’ Racing is coming back to Canada from 13-16 February 2020

FIS Masters’ Racing is coming back to Canada from 13-16 February 2020

02/12/2019, FIS Masters’ Racing is coming back to Canada from 13-16 February 2020

As noted in our National email, of 12-Aug-18, our rule change request to increase the allotment of Masters’ FIS races held in North America from four to eight as of 2020 was voted on and passed unanimously, at a major FIS meeting in May! Since then, we have been working on securing a suitable venue and date that straddles the FIS Masters’ races that will be held in the US.

I am thrilled to finally and formally announce that FIS Masters’ racing is coming back to Canada!

A FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) event will be taking place 13-16 February 2020, at Stoneham, Quebec, consisting of two giant slalom races and two slalom races. It is no coincidence that this is one week after a similar FIS Masters’ event is taking place from 7-9 February 2020, in Aspen, Colorado. Combined, these two events will be a huge draw for overseas racers, and I hope you as well, allowing many to compete in these eight races over a 10-day period, in a single North American swing.

For those unaware, these races being FMC races, garner points and potentially a crystal globe! For more information see  FIS Masters’ Racing and, in particular, Section D of the  rules being “FIS MASTERS CUP FINALS”.

Simply put, a minimum of six races is needed to qualify for the globe but good luck with that! You really need at least 12, as your best 12 races count towards the globe. Bag 8 in North America, attend two more FMC races in Europe or elsewhere, (being sure these include the FMC finals wherever they will be in 2020, as double points are always awarded for the finals), and there are your 12+ races! Never too soon to start saving some $ and vacation days!!!

The final FMC 2020 schedule will not be out until later this summer, but to get an idea, see the 2019 FIS Masters’ calendar.

A FIS Masters’ Sub-Committee has been formed to help with all the required planning in order to make this a stellar event; this gracious and experienced

Sub-Committee is made up of:

Chairman: Jean-René de Varennes, FMC Chief Organizer, Stoneham Ski Club,  [email protected]

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Mike Robbins, ON, Eastern FIS Masters Sub-Committee Rep (and most prolific FIS Master’s racer & Crystal Globe holder in Canada) [email protected]
  • Christine Mason, AB, Western FIS Masters Sub-Committee Rep [email protected]
  • Lloyd Sevack, QC, President, Canadian Alpine Masters [email protected]

Feel free to reach out to any of the above if you have any questions or ideas!

Heartfelt thanks also goes out to the following individuals and the support of their organizations to help make this possible:

  • Daniel Lavallée, Director General, Ski Québec Alpin
  • Jean-René de Varennes, FMC Chief Organizer, Stoneham Ski Club
  • Patrick Laganière, VP Operations & Races, Stoneham Ski Club
  • Jean-François Lavoie, President, Stoneham Ski Club
  • Ashlie Avoledo, Senior Manager, Domestic Services – Alpine Canada
  • Brien Perry, Director Domestic Sport – Alpine Canada
  • Julie Lemieux, Canadian Rep, FIS Sub-Committee for Masters’ Racing
  • Dave Pym, Managing Director & CEO, Canadian Snowsports Association
  • Stefano Arnhold, Chairman, FIS – Subcommittee for Masters’ Racing

More information will be coming out on this auspicious event but until then mark your calendars for 13-16 February 2020!


Lloyd Sevack | President

Canadian Alpine Masters |Maîtres Alpin Canadiens

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