New Masters’ Swag!

New Masters’ Swag!

02/16/2018, Lloyd Sevack:  We are pleased to unveil new Canadian Alpine Masters’ swag!

Masters/Maîtres patch: The design of this patch is the current Alpine Canada Masters’ logo, moulded of flexible and sturdy PVC.  The patch comes with an adhesive backing but may be sewn on for more robustness; the PVC is quite thick so you may wish to have your local shoemaker stitch the patch to your garment.

The patches are available at $10 each to any racer who has not entered any of these 3 events or anyone that wants more than one patch to affix to another jacket.
One patch will be provided to each racer that enters one of the three major 3-day events:

  • Eastern Championships @ Stoneham
  • Western Championships @ Nakiska
  • Nationals @ Panorama

CMAT Patches: In addition to the paper certificate and “year” medallions that are applied to the certificates, each person that earns a spot on CMAT (as of 2018) will also receive the “Canadian Masters Alpine Team/Club des Maîtres Alpin Canadiens” patch, as well as the smaller “CMAT 2018” patch.


In subsequent years, new racers earning a spot on CMAT will receive the upper patch. As each year progresses, each team member will also receive subsequent “CMAT 20YY” patches.

Neck Warmers: Screen-printed neck warmers, with the current Masters’ logo, are available at $5 each.

Both items will be available at the three events mentioned above, as well as at the upcoming Ontario Championships.

Thank you to Victoria Fenninger’s artistic, graphics and sourcing skills that made these items a reality!

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