ON Masters’ Newsletter | Dec-21 Issue

ON Masters’ Newsletter | Dec-21 Issue

Welcome to the 2021/22 season of racing! So far, it looks like things will be open (knock on wood!!). Now we just need to pray to the snow gods for a good season.

Now it is time for the fine print:

Every athlete who is competing in an Ontario or Canadian Masters’ sanctioned event needs a competitor card; It just took me almost an hour to find all the right links, so to try to ease your pain, here are step-by-step instructions.

Register online for AOA fees: We recommend you register before 25-Dec-21 as AOA updates Alpinepoints.ca weekly for registrations but come the new year, updates are done on demand.

Insurance: For a whopping fee of $13, you can purchase insurance so that if ski season doesn’t happen, or you get Covid, or sick, or anything…. You can get your $ refunded.

Types of cards: There are three different cards to choose from so how do I know which is the right one for me?

  • Master’s FIS (SOD costs $295.17): This card is for racers competing worldwide as well as earning FIS points at Canadian FIS races e.g. FIS Masters’ Cup in Feb-22, in Stoneham QC. (Note: There is a late fee of $145 for FIS cards purchased after 25-Dec-21, however, AOA confirmed this late fee is not applicable to Masters.)
  • Master’s National (SOD costs $235.17): This is for people who are competing in sanctioned races within Ontario and across Canada.
  • Master’s Weekend (SOD costs $176.67): This is for racers who intend to only compete in one race all season e.g. the Ontario Championships. For the price, it may be worth it to just jump all in and get a Master’s National card to allow you the option of skiing in more events.

Note: These fees have increased slightly this year as AOA has included a supplemental COVID-19 fee. FIS increased fees for Masters two seasons ago.

See AOA division fee schedule for SOD, NOD, NCD and LSDA; find your ACA number on AlpinePoints.ca

FAQs: Just getting back into racing and unsure of where to start? Or you’ve been racing for years, but still have questions about the masters system? Check out the Masters’ FAQ page.

Mark your calendars for ON races:
FRI, 21-Jan-22, GS & SL, Mansfield Ski Club Masters’ Cup
FRI, 04-Feb-22, SL x 2, Mansfield Ski Club Masters’ Slalomfest
FRI, 18-Feb-22, GS & SL, Sir Sam’s, FRiday GS & SL Double Header *
TUE, 22-Feb-22, SL, Earl Bales Ski Centre, FR Night Slalom *
Super G Classic – TBA
ON Masters’ Championships – TBA *
* Sanctioned event.

The Ottawa Masters’ Ski Racing Club holds races Wednesday nights, from early January through to March, with the finals on 19 March 2022; for more information go to OttawaMasters.ca for more information.

Refer to the full Masters’ National calendar, for 2021/22, including the FIS Masters’ Cup and Canadian Masters Alpine Championships being held in Feb-22, in Stoneham QC.

FIS Masters’ Cup: Ever heard your buddies talk about something after the fact and wished you were there? Stop wishing! Jump in with both skis and be the one to brag to them about how epic it was!

For those of you who have never done this before, the FIS Masters Cup (FMC), being held in Stoneham QC for the second time, sounds way more intimidating than it is. Just ask those seasoned racers as LOADS of fun, with some very friendly people! Oh, and there’s skiing! LOTS of skiing and good skiing! It’s only as competitive as you want it to be! There are some skiers who wax at the top of the course, and then there are others (like me) who wax their skis only once and that’s before the trip!

Also read Jaime Hugessen’s report for the 2020 event, as well as FIS 101 for Masters authored by Mike Robbins, the most seasoned Canadian Master’s FIS racer, Crystal Globe recipient and Canadian Alpine Masters’ FIS Subcommittee member. The latter will explain how FIS points work, navigating the FIS website for results and rankings, how medals are awarded, etc.

The FMC (4 GS + 2 SL = 6 races) and CMAC (2 SG + GS + SL = 4 races) are being held from 8-13 February 2022. Registration is open with a deadline of 1-Feb-22 so don’t delay! See the race notice for eligibility, card requirements, costs, event schedule, etc.

Masters’ training camps:

2022 Canadian Masters’ Alpine Team & Alpine Ontario Masters’ Team: Due to the pandemic, there was no Masters’ National Calendar for the 2021 season and therefore no CMAT or AOMT awarded for 2022. Therefore, I vote for ALL OF US (in our minds!)

Now, bring on the snow!!!!!

Shayna Gaunt | Ontario Masters’ Representative
Alpine Canada Masters

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