Registration open for CMAC & FMC 2020

Registration open for CMAC & FMC 2020

February is fast approaching and so are the auspicious Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC) and FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) races being held from 19-23 February 2020, in Stoneham QC.

It is almost 10 years since FMC races were last held in Canada so we are fortunate to have these return and we hope they remain here for many years to come! Besides having the honour to host the highest level of Masters’ racing, these events are a ton of fun! FIS will also be watching us to see how many racers and countries participate, here in Canada. I therefore encourage you to come out in force!

Registration is open for both CMAC and FMC with a link to the race notice.

For those that wish to race as a FIS Master (and why not?), do not wait to purchase your FIS Master’s licence through your PSO, as this process can take some time! If you have any questions on how to do this, please reach out to your Provincial Rep:

Atlantic: Peter Cody-Cox [email protected]

BC: Jules Lajoie [email protected]

AB: Jason Barton [email protected]

MB: Dale Madill [email protected]

ON: Sharon Chadwick [email protected]

QC: Lewis Heilig [email protected]

Also, registering early for Stoneham will help with planning the event and help to make this a spectacular event!

Until then or further news, your Masters’ Committee wishes you all happy holidays, good health, fun on the slopes and fast skis!

Lloyd Sevack | President

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