Stoneham 2022 Online Auction

Stoneham 2022 Online Auction

Whether it’s due to COVID-19 or a sign of the times, the auction held at the annual Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships is moving online in 2022. The online auction has an amazing list of donated items from race suits to ski camps to world cup skis – it’s all there for your bidding.

A couple of things to keep in mind about the auction:

  1. Please visit the websites of our sponsors listed with each auction item; we thank them kindly for supporting us and being so generous.
  2. Auction opens Monday, 7-Feb-22, 9 am EST and closes Saturday, 12- Feb-22, 8 pm EST.
  3. The anti-sniping feature has been enabled meaning there is always 3 minutes added to the closing time for an auction item after a bid; this means that if a bid comes in at 7:59:59 pm, the closing time for that auction item will get extended to 8:02:59 pm to give previous bidders a chance to rebid.
  4. Auction items will be available for pickup at Stoneham on Sunday, 13-Feb-22, otherwise we can make arrangement to ship winning items at the winner’s cost. Items will also be available for pickup in the Collingwood area, a week after the auction. Lastly, we will try to make similar arrangements for items going to Calgary.
  5. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eTransfer to [email protected]. We are also making arrangements for Visa, MasterCard, Stripe and PayPal although these methods will cost us a 3% processing fee so we ask that you use cash, cheque or eTransfer where possible.

Dave Nighswander | President
Alpine Canada Masters

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