World Winter Masters’ Games (WWMG), Jan-2020 & FIS Masters’ Race in Canada, Feb-2020

World Winter Masters’ Games (WWMG), Jan-2020 & FIS Masters’ Race in Canada, Feb-2020

08/12/2018: Yes, 2020 may seem far away, but with two major events in that year, your Committee thought to let you know what’s coming in order to help you with some long range planning.

World Winter Masters Games (WWMG), Jan-2020:
The World Winter Masters’ Games, last held in Quebec in 2015 and prior to that in Slovenia in 2010, will be coming to Innsbruck in 2020, from 10-19 January, 2020, (after which these games are expected to be a quadrennial event); see

FIS Masters Race in Canada, Feb-2020:
At a major FIS meeting in May, our rule request change to increase the allotment of Masters’ FIS races held in North America from four to eight as of 2020 was voted on and passed unanimously! This means that four Masters’ FIS races will be coming to Canada the year after next!

The US will be holding their four Masters’ FIS races in the west (exact venue TBD) from 7-9 February 2020. Here in Canada, we hope to hold our four Masters’ FIS races the weekend before or after, in order to make the eight North American races a big draw for overseas racers, who can bag eight races over approximately 10 days!

For those who have ever aspired to earning a Crystal Globe, 2020 may be your best year to start trying as the number of qualifying races has been increased to twelve! Canadian Masters will be able to grab eight in North America (four in the US + four in Canada), then go to Europe once for the finals, plus one other 2-race event on back-to-back weekends!

To help do some long range planning in 2020 and what promises to be a jam-packed year, your Committee would be grateful if you would complete this survey, not later than 18 August 2018.

We will definitely need a Masters’ sub-committee to plan this FIS event. Mike Robbins (one of, if not the most prolific Canadian Master’s FIS racer and Globe holder) has graciously agreed to be part of this, but we will need a few more people to help.

Lloyd Sevack | President
Canadian Alpine Masters | Maîtres Alpin Canadiens

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