ON Masters’ Newsletter: 2019/20 Season | Nov-19 Issue

ON Masters’ Newsletter: 2019/20 Season | Nov-19 Issue

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Welcome to the 2019/20 season of racing and going to be a good one if the snow continues like Thursday in Collingwood!
Master’s Competitor Card:
A reminder to register online at https://registration.alpineontario.ca/default.aspx for the upcoming season by selecting the Master’s National Card (select the ‘AOA 2019/20 Season Registration Masters’ program) or the Master’s FIS Card (select the ‘AOA 2018/20 Season Registration (FIS)’ program). The Master’s National or FIS card is the best option if you intend racing in more than one event – refer to http://www.alpineontario.ca/online-program-registration/alpine-ontario-fees/ for the fee schedule and reasons for paying ACA, AOA and division fees. A Master’s competitor card is required for sanctioned events only e.g. Ontario or National Championships.
Note: If the card is purchased during December or prior, then every Friday your card is activated by AOA, but from January onwards it is activated on demand; check for activation on the new website http://alpinepoints.ca/racerProfile/
Master’s FIS Card vs Master’s National Card:
The Masters’ National Committee recommends you purchase a Master’s FIS card for a variety of reasons:
  • The Canadian Alpine Masters receive $10 for every Master’s FIS card purchased and $5 for every Master’s National card purchased, for a total of $15 received from ACA. Obviously, it helps the Canadian Alpine Masters if you purchase the Master’s FIS card vs the Master’s National card.
  • At the upcoming World Winter Masters’ Games (WWMG), being held from 10-19 January 2020, in Austria, racers holding a Master’s FIS card will start each race in their age category before racers without this card.
  • The purchase of a Master’s FIS card includes a type of liability insurance coverage deemed acceptable by the WWMG organization for all their races.
  • At the four FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) races being held from 19-23 February 2020, in Stoneham QC, racers holding a Master’s FIS card will also start in each FIS race in their age category before racers holding a weekend or national card.
  • Ages 18 to 30: You must be 30 years or older on 31 December 2019 in order to obtain a Master’s FIS card but only 18 to obtain a Master’s regional or national card.
Note: Racers who wish to participate in any Masters’ FIS races outside of Canada require a Master’s FIS card.
Mark your Calendars:
The Ontario races are as follows:
FRI, 31-Jan-20 08:30 AM, GS & SL, Mansfield Ski Club Masters’ Cup
FRI, 14-Feb-20, GS & SL, Sir Sam’s, FRiday GS & SL Double Header *
TUE, 25-Feb-20, SL, Earl Bales Ski Centre, ON Night Slalom *
FRI, 28-Feb-20, SL x 2, Mansfield Ski Club, Mansfield Ski Club Masters’ Slalom Fest
FRI, 13-Mar-20, SG x 2, The Georgian Peaks Club, Super G Classic
SAT, 14-Mar-20, GS & SL, Alpine Ski Club, ON Masters’ Championships *
* Sanctioned event.
Go to the Alpine Canada Masters’  website for the full national calendar for 2019/20.
The Ottawa Masters’ Ski Racing Club holds races every Wednesday night from early January through to March with the finals on 21 March 2020; for more information go to http://www.ottawamasters.ca/


Masters’ Training Camps:


2020 Canadian Masters’ Alpine Team:
M 75-79, HOUDE Michael, Jozo Weider
M 75-79, GODFREY Mark, Batawa
F 70-74, HOUDE Denyse, Jozo Weider
M 65-69, HANNA Terrence, Jozo Weider
M 65-69, ROBBINS Mike, Osler
F 60-64, FURSEY Wendy, Jozo Weider
F 55-59, SUNDBERG Hannele, Jozo Weider
M 50-54, SOUTHWOOD Mike, Jozo Weider
M 45-49, SHAWYER Scott, TSC
M 40-44, WALKER David, Jozo Weider
M 30-34, KNOX Jay, Calabogie
2020 Alpine Ontario Masters’ Team:
F 70-74, RUNDLE Patricia, Chicopee
F 60-64, UNDERWOOD Lee Anne, TSC
F 55-59, KOFFLER-BOYMAN Tiana, Craigleith
M 75-79, CATER Pavel, Jozo Weider
M 70-74, FENNINGER Lou, Fenninger Racing
M 65-69, WATSON Jim, Fenninger Racing
M 60-64, SUTHERLAND Jeff, Craigleith
M 55-59, ROOME Alex, Fenninger Racing
M 50-54, KEMBAR Zack, Georgian Peaks
M 45-49, NICOL Tom, Chicopee
Let it snow, let it snow!
Sharon Chadwick
ON Masters’ Representative

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