First time experience competing at CMAC

First time experience competing at CMAC

Attention All Masters’ Racers!

Intimidated by the thought of competing in this year’s Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC)? The following article, written by David Star, speaks to his first time experience competing in a national championship event. While it may seem intimidating, David found it to be an incredible experience! Find out for yourself by registering for this year’s event to be held at Kimberley BC, from 8-10 February 2023; the entry deadline is 1900 hours MST, Wednesday, 01 February 2023.

Jaime Hugesson | Eastern Canada Director

Stoneham Quebec is where the Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships (CMAC) and the FIS Masters’ Cup (FMC) were hosted in 2020 and 2022; an event that every competitive skier must experience.

I went for my first time in 2020. I met Lloyd Sevack at the WWMG in Austria who told me about Stoneham:  “It’s the Canadian Championships and FIS all rolled into one week of racing”. As a Masters’ Interclub racer, I had no real idea what this all meant: CMAC & FMC? But one thing I did know is that I love to race and when I heard that I could race the Super-G, giant slalom and slalom, I was all in.

The first time in Stoneham, I just wanted to experience something other than Masters’ Interclub racing on The Escarpment. The title and the program did not mean all that much to me as I had only been racing competitively since the 2017/18 season. Before that I only skied at my home club and took my kids to their SOD U12-U18 races and I was a coat runner! Those years I did not know the difference between slalom and GS, I just made it clear to my kids what time we leave for their races and that they need to make sure that they had all their equipment (fortunately, they always had the right stuff). After they were done with racing, I was approached by one of the parents at my club The Heights Ski & Country Club to see if I wanted to race; my answer, without any hesitation, was “where, when and how”. The rest is history!

I cannot imagine myself skiing alone at the club weekend after weekend any longer; to me the ski season will not be complete without some racing. The truth of the matter is now I want to race at every event I can find.

So without any reservation, I have to say that Stoneham is the ultimate race experience in the East. I jump into my car and drive 8 hours, located 20 minutes north of Quebec City and ski on one of my all-time favourite ski hills. The hill is higher than anything on the Escarpment with a ski vertical of 345 metres, plus the slope on the race hill is 35 degrees and breathtaking.

If you know about Masters’ alpine racing you know that ages range from 18+ to 80+ so watching all participants is inspiring. Masters are a social and physical group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the sport. To be part of this amazing seasonal lifestyle, one only has to make the decision to try and participate, all the rest will happen.  The most exciting moment is standing in the starting gate and hearing “Racer Ready”!

Note: Every two years, the CMAC & FMC event is alternated between East and West so 2023 is being held in Kimberley BC.

Ski U There!

David Star | Ontario Representative
Alpine Canada Masters

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