QC Deadlines to Purchase 2023/24 Cards

QC Deadlines to Purchase 2023/24 Cards

The ski season is rapidly approaching and there are some big events on the horizon such as the World Winter Masters Games (WWMG), in Italy, and the FIS World Criterium Masters (WCM), at Kimberley BC.  For those who are thinking of participating in the latter, note that this event will not be combined with the Canadian Masters Alpine Championships (CMAC) that are being held the following week, at Nakiska AB, so that means that a FIS card is necessary for 30+ racers.  The ACA National Card is required for certain other races across Canada where single-event cards are not being offered as well as for racers in the 18-29 age category.  We strongly recommended that QC 30+ Masters register for the FIS Master’s Card that includes the ACA National card.

Cards take time to be activated so don’t leave registration to the last minute as your name must appear on the most recent FIS points list before the entry deadline of any races you wish to enter; we recommend you purchase your card by 1 December 2023.  Plus, there are additional fees for “Immediate FIS List Activation” – list release dates can be found by clicking on this link.

Card Pre-season In-season
Master’s National $185 before 12-Nov-23 $205 on or after 12-Nov-23
Master’s FIS $233 before 1-Jan-24 $291 on or after 1-Jan-24


SQA registration goes through one of their member clubs; if you are not a member of a Masters’ Race Team i.e. a Master who trains with a ski-school program or independently, then you will need to make arrangements with a local club to approve your race registration and to submit the “FIS Entry Form” on your behalf.  For a FIS Master’s registration, it is also necessary to have sufficient accident insurance corresponding to the SAIP insurance, of the appropriate class as offered by ACA, or the equivalent private coverage if you already have it.

On the SQA member login page use the link “My Documents” to upload the completed forms and add them to your profile; all forms are available to download from the SQA Athlete Area page :

  • FIS Athlete Declaration
  • SQA Insurance Waiver
  • ACA Medical Evaluation – note this form is not mandatory for Masters’ athletes.

Following that, use the link “Join and Pay” to submit the request by choosing the club you are affiliated with and the category “FIS Master”; once the request has been approved (which may take a few days) you can return to the site and check your registration status at which time you can finalize the payment to complete the registration.

John Gunn | Québec Representative
Alpine Canada Masters

Sharon Chadwick