Dave Murray Masters’  National Cup

The Dave Murray Masters’ National Cup was donated by Alpine Canada to promote top participation and performance at the Canadian Masters’ Alpine Championships.
Eligible Competitors: Must be on the Masters’ World Cup points list and race for the province in which they were registered.

Regional Teams

  • West —BC
  • Central —Alberta and Prairies
  • East —Ontario, Québec and Atlantic

Scoring Method
Finishers in each age group will receive points for their team i.e. 10 points for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd, etc. There are 26 age groups (13 male & 13 female). Each team may only score one female and one male per age group up to a maximum of 20 racers—the ultimate score is 200 points per event. Points from all 3 or 4 races will be tallied and the team with the highest cumulative score will win.

The regional team with the best score in the last race event will be declared the overall winner.

Trophy Winners
The trophy was originally awarded to the top province. Two regional teams (east & west) were formed in 2006. The current three regions were defined in 2009 in an effort to find a fair regional balance, the results of which demonstrate this.

2017: Not awarded
2016: Not awarded
2015: Awarded to British Columbia
2014: Awarded to British Columbia
2013: awarded to East

Champion of Champions

Awarded to the fastest age-adjusted male and female racers in all events at the Canadian Alpine Masters’ Championships. This award can only be won once every three years and comes with the prize of free* race entry fees for the subsequent Canadian Alpine Masters’ Championships.

History: Nancy Greene suggested that the award be called “Champion of Champions”; the award was first started in 2004.

  • 2019 Irene Collins & Philip Beauregard
  • 2018 Kareen Mamo & Gerry Whittaker
  • 2017 Joy Fera & Stephane Ricard
  • 2016 Irene Collins & Greg Sarkis (USA)
  • 2015 Janine Linder-Joris (Swiss) & Jason Barton
  • 2014 Barbara Walker & George Dorris (USA)
  • 2013 Wendy Harrison & Gerry Whittaker
  • 2012 Patti East & Jeff Sutherland
  • 2011 Joy Fera & Howard Cole
  • 2010 Barbara Walker & Gerry Whittaker
  • 2009 Robin Kingsmill & David Trussler
  • 2008 Denyse Houde & Ed Fenwick
  • 2007 Patti East & Gerry Whittaker
  • 2006 Robin Kingsmill & Bob Switzer
  • 2005 Denyse Houde & Jeff Hatch
  • 2004 Grace Oaks & Howard Cole

* Only race registration costs are free (race entry and lift tickets); excludes costs of the banquet, accommodation, items for sale or additional training options.