Alpine Canada Masters are self-funded through memberships, silent auctions, donations and sponsorship; below are our sponsors, whose contributions help fund us, most of whom have supported us for many years.

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Note: Current and past sponsors listed below.

Tripar Inc

Tripar Inc

Tripar® offers metal stamping and fabrication capabilities in its 67,500 sq ft facility located in Montreal, Canada. Our foundation is metal stamping, notably progressive stamping and drawing & deep drawing, capitalizing on our inventory of over 1,600 dies and over 100 presses (to 200 tons). Tripar continues to invest in modern metal fabrication equipment, including a CNC punch/laser combination machine, laser, press breaks, & PEM insertion machines. This progression allows Tripar to employ the best practices, offering clients optimal quality, design assistance, manufacturing and delivery, all at competitive prices, enabling OEMs to succeed in highly competitive markets.

Throughout our organization, we try to put ourselves into your shoes so that dealing with us is as easy as possible. If an issue arises, it is resolved quickly and a full case report is shared with you.
We are best known as a component manufacturer for architectural and commercial lighting OEMs who demand quality and value our deep understanding of the lighting industry and metal components.
We always seek to offer customers the best value through a combination of price, features, performance and superior service.

Why does Tripar® sponsor the Canadian Alpine Masters? Besides offering the chance to promote Tripar and obtain new business, the President of Tripar®, Lloyd Sevack, is a hard-core Master’s racer and Past-President of the Canadian Alpine Masters 🙂

Pratte International

At Pratte International, we offer a unique way to learn how to improve your ski performance. From Olympic hopefuls to racers, adults and families who share a passion for the sport, our approach is completely personalized and adapted to individual needs and skill levels. The coaches are world class, the training programs are second to none and the ski destinations are outstanding, including Whistler, Zermatt, Copper Mountain, Sun Peaks and Mont Tremblant.

If skiing is your passion and reaching peak performance is your mission, sign up now for the experience of a lifetime!

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

Founded in 1970 by Austrian-born heli-skiing pioneer Mike Wiegele, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing (MWHS) has evolved into a world-renown skier’s paradise. MWHS’s vast 1.5-million-acre tenure, encompasses over 1,000 peaks and runs, in the Cariboo, Monashee and Rocky Mountain ranges. Whether it is the sense of freedom from carving turns down a pristine blanket of snow on one of the high alpine glaciers or experiencing the challenge of a steep tree run, MWHS’s wide variety of terrain provides an exciting heli-skiing and heli-snowboarding experience, in one of the world’s most consistent high-quality skiing snow belts.

For 50-years, MWHS has also provided an environment that fosters mutual respect, inspires confidence on the mountain, and creates lasting bonds between guests and those who share the passion for skiing. It starts with Mike Wiegele himself, who has brought his passion for skiing and close-knit family together over a half a century ago.

Mike and Bonnie Wiegele have always had a history of pioneering heli-ski safety and supporting industry athletes. Before the Wiegele family founded MWHS, Mike operated a ski school in Lake Louise in 1965, where he coached and produced six National Team athletes. Five decades later, MWHS is proud to continue to support the industry’s athletes and their podium dreams.

At MWHS, the foundation has always been fostering a future for this industry that provides a lifetime of fun and freedom for those who aim to pursue this incredible sport. Mike, Bonnie and the MWHS team are honoured to support the Canadian Alpine Masters’ Team and Masters Alpine Ski Racing in 2020 and wishes the best of luck to all competitors. Let’s go skiing!

Kunstadt Sports

The Kunstadt family has always been highly active and love their sports, going back generations. Peter Kunstadt, a familiar, well liked, skilled Masters racer, and former member of the Czechoslovakian National Ski Team in the 1960s and his two sons Eric and Ron, started it all with a second hand tennis stringing machine in the family’s basement, necessitated by his family’s passion for playing tennis which required frequent expensive racquet restringing. While working his days as an engineer at a nuclear radiation technology company, the family team worked from their family house’s basement, growing the operation from tennis racquet stringing and ski tuning to opening a small sports store on Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario, and started with refurbishing and selling used bikes and skis. They quickly gained a reputation for quality service, and suppliers began flocking to their door. They are now a unique high quality sports retailer as they also offer their own line of skis and bikes, made to their own exacting specifications by highly recognized ski and bike manufacturers.

Giving back to the community is an important part of who they are. They are big supporters of the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers (CADS), they have designed special bikes and skis for the disabled who want to be active, and they are huge supporters of the Ottawa Masters Ski Club and Canadian Alpine Masters. Kunstadt Sports started the annual Kunstadt Open Tennis Tournament at the Glen Cairn Tennis Club in Kanata, and they also actively participate in the annual Parliament Ride alongside MPs and Senators.

Today, this proud family run operation has four stores in the Ottawa area, and with the addition of their online store, they remain a solid fixture on the sports scene in the Ottawa area and beyond.


Henry’s Camera, a 4th generation family owned and operated business, first opened its doors in 1909 and has evolved into Canada’s largest independent photographic and digital imaging retailer. Henry’s has long been known in the industry as the source for the best and newest products, informed experts, award-winning customer service and unparalleled pricing with 30 stores across Canada, as well as online that allows you to shop right from the slopes. Whether you need an action camera to prove your record-breaking downhill run or you require a high-speed telephoto lens on your DSLR to capture the competition, Henry’s is your go-to camera store to capture and create content. Check out our award-winning magazine, The Lens. Visit your local Henry’s store and attend FREE courses presented by the Henry’s Learning Lab on a range of topics such as Video, Travel Photography, Vlogging and more.

Green Ice Wax

Green Ice Wax, a pioneer in environmentally friendly wax, has produced non fluoro and eco-friendly ski and snow board wax for 9 seasons. It was formulated by a chemist with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and father of two competitive ski racers. The wax was designed with safe and environmentally-friendly substances with the health of the user and the environment in mind. After years of formulating and continually testing various compositions, Green Ice Wax developed the perfect balance between fast and safe. Tests included both field tests on mountains across the Northeast, West, and South America as well as chemical and physical testing in the laboratory. The field tests included athletes both at the professional and collegiate levels, as well as ski instructors. The results are Green Ice Hydrocarbon, Green Ice 1000, Green Ice 2000, and Green Ice Ultimate waxes. These environmentally-friendly waxes are proven to perform under any conditions, from recreational skiing and riding to competitive racing.
So, why not use a proven non- fluoro race wax to insure compliance with the FIS rules regarding fluoro without sacrificing performance.
Note: Canadian Masters can use promo code canmas50 for 50% off.

DRUXY’S & Williams Fresh Café

Since 1976, DRUXY’S Famous Deli has championed its traditional Deli roots while continuing to offer customers fresh, nutritious food backed by warm and caring service. We take great pride in both the quality of our food and the classic way we prepare it to-order for each and every customer.

Today we are Canada’s premier chain of quick service, traditional Jewish style deli restaurants, with 44 restaurants and kiosks in major health care facilities, office towers, shopping centers, museums and airports. Owners Bruce, Harold and Peter Druxerman are still directly involved in the daily management of the company, and play an active role supporting our passionate team of franchisees.

In February 2016, DRUXY’S acquired Williams Fresh Café, an all-day, every day café for those people who appreciate delicious food, signature coffee blends, and specialty espresso and tea beverages.

Centex Petroleum

In 1986, we started our first retail fuel location in Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta. We have grown substantially since then and we are proud to have maintained our core values of respecting others, being accountable, working as a team, and having fun at what we do. Centex Petroleum is 100% western Canadian owned and 100% independent retailer and wholesaler of fuel. A fresh alternative to the major fuel suppliers in Canada. Our philosophy is to provide the look, feel, variety of products and services the customer expects but with more competitive pricing, great service and a fun experience.

Alpine Strength

Alpine Strength

Alpine Strength is an exclusive training program that is usually only shared with World Cup athletes. In an effort to bridge the gap between junior/master racers and World Cup racers, Marie-Michele Gagnon has partnered with world-renowned trainer, Alejo Hervas, to create more accessible training programs. Alejo Hervas has worked with ski racers of all ages and knows better than anyone else what makes a great program. After a successful ski season on the World Cup, Marie-Michele realized that ski-specific training was imperative for success – thus Alpine Strength was created in an effort to help up skiers of all levels to reach their greatest potential. Each program has been carefully created and caters to your level. The Black Diamond recreational skier program was specifically designed with master ski racers in mind for its versatility while on the road and around work schedules.

International Masters’ Academy | Living the dream…

The International Masters Academy (IMA) is a national organization that serves “Autumn Athletes” who take their fun seriously. Founded in 1992 the Academy supports Alpine Masters Racers over 30 years old, the minimum age eligibility to participate in FIS Masters competitions. We have a well-established performance and participation culture and a respectable professional image that was acquired through the good sportsmanship of select members who commit to enter an above-average number of national and international level competitions each season. Individual attention has fostered many enjoyable and sustained recreational racing careers.

Forward membership enquiries to [email protected]


Dirty Devil Vodka

Dirty Devil Vodka is an ultra-premium and innovative Quebec vodka, now available in many SAQs, bars and restaurants. The vodka is also available in a few bars and restaurants in Ontario and at the LCBO with Halpern Agency; this is the first and only vodka in the world to use hyper-oxygenated water.

La Dolce Vita Seltzer

La Dolce Vita Seltzers are Italian inspired seltzers, proudly made in Quebec, with premium vodka and top quality fruit; cranberries are locally sourced in Quebec and the citrus fruits are imported from Sicily. The signature IL COSMO seltzer is currently available in many SAQs, bars and restaurants and the LA LIMONATA and IL POMPELMO seltzers will be released, in 2022, in Canada. All three seltzers are available in the rapidly expanding US market.


PilotsFriend has been meticulously crafted and perfected over the past 10 years by a team of European bio-scientists and nutritionists. After proving successful in Europe, PilotsFriend is now available in Canada.

For a quick pick-me-up in the morning, afternoon or a night out, PilotsFriend provides a burst of energy without the crash felt by consuming traditionally caffeinated beverages. It also stimulates your appetite and aids natural digestion with the use of ingredients like lemon, chokeberries, ginger and cardamom. PilotsFriend is a refreshing substitute for a post-meal coffee and the perfect alcohol-free aperitif or digestif.



OUR STORY BEGINS WITH OUR PASSION FOR SPORTS! Since 1953 Lanctôt Ltd has been a Canadian based, family-run business that specializes in the distribution and production of premium sporting goods, apparel, and eyewear. Our distribution and design expertise combined with our passion for sports is the foundation of our success.

The Lanctôt brands fall into 7 categories: Ski, Bike, Golf, Outerwear, Team Sports, Fashion and Eyewear.

Our unparalleled experience in distribution, coupled with our great passion for sports, has enabled us to acquire over 65 years of successful experience, thanks to our partners, customers and collaborators.

FISCHER: After 90 years in the nordic and alpine ski business, Fischer has a trophy case filled with World Cup wins, world records and Olympic medals that tell their story. State-of-the-art technology and high quality are the hallmarks that have kept this Austrian powerhouse on top. Being one of the largest ski manufacturers in the world, their line covers every piece of equipment you’ll need, whether you’re winning races or going solo through your backyard.

SWIX: The Swix name, born in Norway from a line of only five waxes, has grown to a world-leading brand that spans from simple universal waxes to complex chemistry’s that champions swear by, and all the gear needed to make the most of them. In addition to distributing Swix hardgoods and performance apparel, Lanctôt develops and designs the Swix Caribou Collection: a line of outdoor-focused apparel specifically tailored for North American outdoor enthusiasts.

SHRED: Skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers are often intimidated by the challenges they face. SHRED.’s eyewear and protection design and technology give you the confidence to reach the next level, feel like a pro, and have fun.

Tripar Inc
Kunstadt Sports
Henry's - Canada's Greatest Camera Store
Alpine Strength